Peter Lancashire Interview

by Jordan Wille August 21, 2016

A member of the 2016 Junior Men's Four, and an AEM Athlete, we sat down with the upcoming Canadian/Australian athlete before he went overseas to complete at his first Junior World Championships in The Netherlands.

1. When/where did you start rowing?

I started rowing recreationally at my club in Australia, the Port Macquarie Rowing Club. I rowed there for about a year before I moved to Canada and started rowing competitively at Brentwood.


2. Since that time, what has been your best race?

My best race would probably be the final of the Junior B 8+ at the CSSRA regatta. I was really tired after racing previous finals that day, and didn't feel I had the energy for another. Nevertheless we started, and were down a length from the leaders at the 500m mark. We kept our cool however, and stayed consistent, and made a huge move at the 1000m to draw level with the leaders and to walk through them in the third five. The last five was all about enjoying the moment, and hanging on to that lead.


3. Worst?

My worst race would probably have to be the same race the previous year. It was my first year of competition, my first final in the fight for a national title. I got completely flustered and didn't perform anywhere near my potential. After looking to win the race, we were pushed out of the medals in the last 100m. It made me realize that as important as the process is, you still need to execute for it to be worth it.


4. Do you have any pre-race rituals?

Every night before a race, I clean my sunglasses meticulously. Not a spick of dirt or a smear on the lens will do!


5. If you could make a crew from anyone in the world, what type of boat would it be (1x, 2x, 2-… etc.) and who would be in it?

I'd row a pair with Alex Gregory from GB. Double Olympic gold medalist, he rows so smoothly it must be a dream to row with him.


6. Who is the most inspirational person in your life and why?

I think my coaches for sure. I've learnt something from every coach that I've been under. I try and learn something from each of my teammates as well, because all of them are better than me at at least one of the aspects of rowing, and seeing them work hard day in and day out gives me the inspiration to do the same. If someone is puking after a workout, and I'm just breathing heavily, I'll know without a doubt that they got more out of that workout than I did, and they've set the new standard to try and reach.


7. Alright, some more serious stuff. Who is in your crew and what to they add to boat?

Brett, our stroke seat brings a lot of experience to the boat. This is his second World Championships so he knows the lay of the land a bit better than us.


Dylan in three seat is fantastic at staying technically consistent throughout a race or a workout, so his technique doesn't fade much as he gets tired, which I can then follow in an attempt to delay technical deterioration.


Ivan in bow seat is a really aggressive racer, who is utterly unwilling to let a crew sit alongside us. He can whip us with just the right words to get us moving.


My role in two seat is simply to sit back, pull hard and enjoy the show!


8. You're rowing at Brentwood College School currently - what made you pack up and move to the other side of the planet from your home?

My sister was a huge part of my moving to Brentwood. She had moved there two years previously to me, and had picked up rowing herself and looked to, generally, be having a great time! So I took a tour, and the campus and faculties struck me as just astonishing, and I talked to my parents about going there the very same evening.


9. Any last shoutouts?

To my parents, for allowing me to pack up to Canada, and spend way too much time away from them. But most of all, for always believing in me, especially in times when I didn't necessarily believe in myself.

Peter and his crew have their heat in the Men's Four at 1:10am PT (4:10am ET) on Monday, August 22nd 2016. Follow us on Facebook for updates on their results!

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